Web site updated 9th June

Back with another update, this time with 279 new items. It’s not just vinyl, this time a lot of vintage punk badges have been added from 70s and early 80s bands. As usual there’s plenty of Sex Pistols ietms added including different pressings of ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ and some singles.
Some rarities include: Associates ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ debut single on Double Hip, Das Schnitz ‘4am’ in one of the hand made sleeves, Dead Man’s Shadow ‘Neighbours’, Anorexia ‘Rapist In The Park’, Anti-System / Morbid Humour split 7″ and Adicts ‘Lunch With’.
Lots of singles from 999, Dead Kennedys, Tindersticks, Clash, Cure and Cock Sparrer and many more…