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Newsletter mailed 30th January

A corking newsletter of 361 new items has been mailed. Within it there's loads of USA punk/hardcore albums, UK post-punk vinyl, deleted CDs, but very little memorabilia. The website will be updated over the weekend.

The next newsletter will include lots of USA hardcore LPs

The next newsletter which should follow soon will include a good selection of rare early to mid-80s USA hardcore LPs. Some good rartities amonsgt them like this Toxic Reasons Kill By Remote Control LP with the poster!

How Crass Fooled MI6

Great article on Buzzfeed about how the spoof tape they did purporting to be between Thatcher and the president of Argentina fooled MI6 and the government into thinking that it was a Russian plot. The papers pertaining to it have just been released under the 30 year rule.

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