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Disappearing Record Shops

I read that last year over a quarter of the UK's independent record stores went out of business. In the heyday of the 1980s there were over 2200, by the end of 2008 there were just 305. Coupled with the disappearance of chain stores such as Fopp and Zavvi and thje massive reduction in music […]

Debut album by Control

One of the best debut punk albums I've heard in a very long time, the debut album by Control is out now on Step-1 records. It's hard-hitting streetpunk with intelligent lyrics and excellent tunes. Unlike so may other recent albums it's been properly produced and benefits enormously from that. Have a listen on their MySpace […]

Gothic & Industrial mags and zines

I've acquired a large collection of industrial and gothic magazines and fanzines, all in excellent or mint condition. None of them are very early, but they're all better ones from the genres and there's a lot of them, including: Industrial Nation, Bats and Red Velvet, Hard Wired, Goth Nation, Interference, Vampire Freaks, Naked Truth, Side […]

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