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Betterdaze Record Shop In Northallerton

A well deserved plug for Better Daze record shop in Northallerton which I visited last weekend. A nice shop choc full of vinyl on two floors. It's unusual to see a shop like this these days. No CDs to be found. If you're in the North-East or North Yorkshire then it's well worth mnaking the […]

Devo’s Bob Casale Dies

Devo guitarist Bob Casale, who played with the group alongside his brother Gerald from the original incarnation of the groundbreaking Akron new wave band in 1973 all the way through their recent tours, died suddenly on February 17th of heart failure. He was 61. "As an original member of Devo, Bob Casale was there in […]

Unreleased Fall EP Circa 2001

Here's one I found going back to my days with Voiceprint, it's a Fall EP that never came out. It's 3-tracks circa 2001, that much later evolved into 'Rude All The Time'. Tracks are 'My Ex-Classmate's Kids' (same version), 'Distilled Mug Art' (2:03), 'I Wake Up The City' (3:31) which is not Mix 5. No […]

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