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Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life gigs

Some extra gigs Steve Ignorant's Slice of Life gigs have been added and the Stockton gig has been moved to Middlesbrough on the same night. The updated schedule is: 17th April York Fulford Arms, 18th April Workington Vaults @ Elliott's, 2nd May Newcastle-upon-Tyne Cluny 2, 3rd May, Middlesbrough Westgarth Social Club, 23rd May Oxford Jericho […]

The Spitfires at The Salutation, Durham on 10th April 2015

The music industry can be a fickle business, people with relatively little talent, good looks, financial backing and TV exposure become overnight sensations. Yet on the other side there are many bands and artists that work incredibly hard, tour on a shoestring budget, have no professional management, agent, record label, promo company etc. behind them […]

Paranoid Visions ‘Two Black Eyes’ 7″

PARANOID VISIONS ‘Two Black Eyes’ 2 track 7” only – Overground Records - OVER 143 Release Date: 9th March 2015 It's been a surprising 2 years since Paranoid Visions last released a record of their own. Since 2012's Escape from the Austerity Complex, they've peppered us with a single and album featuring Crass legend Steve […]

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