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M J Hibbett ‘I’m Saying Yes’ video

My very good friend Mark Hibbett the humourus songwriter has produced a video in support of a 'Yes' vote in the AV Referendum, called I'm Saying Yes. It's a very funny video and definitely worth a viewing. That's enough politics for one day.

Poly Styrene dies aged 53

London-born former punk star Poly Styrene - who fronted X-Ray Spex - has died after a battle with cancer. The singer, whose real name was Marianne Elliot Said, released a new album, Generation Indigo, only last month. Styrene - who notably appeared on TV and in publicity shots with braces on her teeth - scored […]

Bug Sponge T-Shirts

There's a new T-shirt design company that I'd like to draw your attention to Bug Sponge who do Retro Cheesecake/Pin Up, Pulp Novel & Sci-Fi Magazine Tees. They're very nice and a bit different and fairly priceds at £12 for high quality shirts. As the site says: Big, Bold and Beautiful Art on Top Quality […]

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