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The Shapes tour and forthcoming LP

They were the forefathers of the punkpathetique movement, and now The Shapes are back again and touring the UK in June. Classics like: Batman In The Launderette, Leamington and who could forget Wot's For Lunch Mum? Not Beans Again! Attend the show and you'll be able to get limited signed vinyl copies of 'More Songs […]

The Dustaphonics new album and launch parties

Out on 15th June on Dirty water Records is the much anticipated new album by The Dustaphonics <em>Big Smoke London Town</em> and to launch it they are having a gig at the Jazz Cafe on 30th May. Guest list places are available, get in touch. Album Launch: UK-SPAIN-BELGIUM London Jazz Cafe 30th May Madrid Gruta […]

The Ungovernable Force film

PUNK is a force to be reckoned with in The Ungovernable Force, a grindhouse film where punks and bums unite against fascist cops!!! It includes such luminaries as: The Shend (from The Cravats), Steve Ignorant, Nick Cash, Zillah Minx, Mensi and Steve Lake (Zounds). Check out this wonderful film. They've started a crowd-funding campaign via […]

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