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BBC Cuts Billboards Are Going Up

The campaign to save BBC 6 Music continues apace. The BBC were hoping it'd go quiet , but the campaign continues. I contributed to the billboards campaign, but more money means more boards. You can contribute here. I saw David Cameron's disgraceful comments that the decision to close the station should be left to the […]

Wasps video recently discovered

Recently discovered has been a long lost video of The Wasps performing Run Run Angelica and it's now up on You Tube. Certainly I'd never seen it before and it's great that people are sharing these gems. Whenever something like this appears I always wonder what else is out there that's yet to appear.

Sid & Nancy Film Press Kit

Recently acquired an interesting item for the dreadful Sid & Nancy film. It's a very nice press kit with a special folder, 8 x 10" black and white press photos from the film and 36 pages about the film. Can't have been many made! It'll be on the next newsletter/update in a week's time.

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