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Site Updated 31st July

After the feeding frenzy from the newsletter that saw a lot of items sell I've updated the site and about 300 new items have been added. I usually manage to get one or two prices wrong and this time lots of people wanted the first pressing of the Germs 'Forming' single at £60 and the […]

Newsletter Sent 30th July

I've sent the latest newsletter with 359 new items in to subscribers today. If anyone is on the mailing list and hasn't received it, which sometimes happens due to spam filters please email me and I'll re-send it from my personal email address.

Newsletter Will Be Mailed Monday 30th

I'll be sending August's newsletter with well over 300 new additions on Monday so if you're wanting a sneak preview please subscribe today. You'll see the 'JOIN' box on the middle of the right hand side of the front page.

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