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Attention Robyn Hitchcock fans

Just come my way is a very good Robyn Hitchcock collection, which was part of a much larger purchase, so it'll take a few months to get everything onto the database, but already I've added some nice items including: The Bells Of Rhymney test pressing (pictured), One Long Pair Of Eyes (USA test pressing), The […]

‘Another Music In A Different Kitchen’ Post-Punk Evening Newcastle 25/02/12

The Star & Shadow Cinema in Newcastle-upon-Tyne is holding an evening of post-punk sounds 8pm until midnight on Saturday 25th February, at a very reasonable £3. There's a Facebook page here.

Henry Rollins Newcastle 15th January 2012

On a Sunday freezing January night in the unemployment blackspot of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, many hundreds of people turn out in an old Victorian music hall to watch punk rock's equivalent of Sir Francis Drake talk for two and a half hours about his recent travels and a little about his past, whilst barley stopping for breath. […]

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