Jimmy Barnes video channel

A customer who had bought a few times from the site has an interesting video channel here on YouTube where he reviews sites and record shops he’s bought from and talks about the records he’s bought and plays videos from those artists.
He’s a passionate record collector with an in-depth knowledge of music, especially in 1980s artists e.g. New Order, Prince etc.
Curiously he has a fortnightly series Minidisc Monday, where he’s going through his large MD album collection reviewing each one. Never met a minidisc collector before!
The shows are typically 30 – 40 minutes and weekly and the channel has over 2500 subscribers which is impressive, so he must be doing lots right!

One thought on “Jimmy Barnes video channel

  1. Jimmy Barnes says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning my little channel here, John, very kind of you. I’ve made a community tab post on my YouTube account to give VOTN some further promotion, and I’ll definitely be reviewing your wonderful website again in an upcoming video!

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