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Incredible Kidda Band 7″ & more

A few nice punk 7" finds this weekend. The highlight was The Incredible Kidda Band Everbody Knows 7" although the condition isn't great. Other nice items were: Kicks Hot Stuff  (1981 RCA), Misspent Youth Betcha Won't Dance (1979 Big Bear), Soldier Dolls What Do They Know? (1983 Gotham City Is Dead), Depressions Get Out of […]

Images Added To Shellac Items

I've added images to the various Shellac and Big Black items in the database. As with any Steve Albini project there's usually interesting packaging and mega rarities.

Some recent finds

Had a successful weekend picking up new stock and have been busy adding items to the database for the next update later this week. Apart from the Kraftwerk The Robots Japanese I got a Ramones Bonzo test pressing 7", a fully signed Stiff Little Fingers Listen 7", Fun 4 Singing In The Showers 7", Buzzcocks […]

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