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Images Added To All Punk 7″

It's taken a long time, but at last all 1122 punk 7" on the website now have images added to them. Just have the punk LPs to do, then that's everything!!

Images added to all punk memorabilia items

Finally managed to finish adding the images to all the punk memorabilia items on the web site, that's 512 of them, from the smallest items like badges to the bigger things like posters and shop displays. Just 140 images to add and then the site will be finished.

Foreign 7″ PC Rarities

Top draw collection of foreign 7" pic covers acquired and are being added to the database in preparation for the next newsletter and website update. These include: Sham 69 Hurry Up Harry (Jap), Generation X Ready Steady Go (Jap), Theatre Of Hate Westworld (Jap), Clash I Fought The Law (Jap), Penetration Come Into The Open […]

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