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Website updated 28th March

The web site has been updated today with 391 new items added, mostly 7". We have just a couple of days to get any orders out before postal rates go up again, so get them in quickly please.

April’s Newsletter Mailed 24th March

A big break with tradition, for the first time a newsletter has gone at a weekend and not during the working week. "Why the change?" I hear you all ask. Well next week is a short week because of Easter and also the postage prices go up yet again, some of them dramatically in price, […]

The kids discover punk rock

The kids discover punk rock! This turned up on a BBC website and features Gary Turner from The Piranhas. Hardly a punk band, but I guess he's a local celebrity in Brighton. Anyway, more poewer to these kids, it's good to see young blood coming into the scene. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schoolreport/21873784

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