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Ramones ‘Howling At The Moon’

Adding images to some Ramones items and¬† I noticed that Howling At The Moon seemed to throw up some interesting variations. First there's the Swedish 12" pressing which features an exclusive remix and a unique pic cover - how bizarre that would come out exclusively in Sweden! There's also the USA 12" promo that has […]

Ben Kingsley as Ian MacKaye – “Minor Threat”

I thought this was quite funny. http://www.thedailyswarm.com/watch/ben-kingsley-ian-mackaye-minor-threat/ There's certainly more than a passing resemblance.

New Goldblade album ‘Mutiny’

The new Goldblade album 'Mutiny' is out now on Captain Oi! I thought their last album 'Rebel Songs' was good but this one is much better. It's still very much punk rock, but has a bit more musical diversity. My favourite tracks are 'Mutiny', 'Toxic City FC' and 'Do The Neo Con'. They're touring next […]

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