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The Disrupters ‘Unrehearsed Wrongs’ LP/CD

Written by John on July 27, 2022

LP – ‘Unrehearsed Wrongs’
CD – ‘Unrehearsed Wrongs Expanded’
13 Track LP – limited to 500 (red vinyl)
19 track CD – limited to 300
Cat No:Over 187LP (no bar code)
Over 187CD 0604565707215
Release date: 29th July 2022

The Disrupters formed in Norwich in 1980. An early demo sent to Crass saw them appearing on the first Bullshit Detector album. Summer 1981 the band went into the studio and recorded the Young Offender 7” which would be released on their own Radical Change label, establishing the band as one of the premier anarcho-punk bands. Another single Shelters … READ MORE

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