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Images added to all post-punk items

It's not the biggest section on the website, but it's one of the most active, so I've got round to ensuring that all 120 post-punk items on the database now have images attached. What is post-punk is a hotly debated topic. Some people regard it as more or less anything that followed the intital punk […]

Steve New RIP

Steve New the Rich Kids guitarist passed away on Monday 24th May. Phil Singleton has written a superb obituary on his excellent God Save The Sex Pistols website.

Scotland World Cup Song (well…)

A friend who is a Scottish football fan sent me a link to this tune Anything But '66 Again by some chancers called The Sussex Highlanders. It's an anti-English world cup campaign song from a Scottish perspective. It's actually quite funny, but coming from that third world footballing nation it's a bit rich. If you're […]

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