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Website updated 24th Feb

The site has been updated Friday 24th Feb with 326 new additions.  

Newsletter Mailed 22nd Feb

The latest newsletter has been mailed to subscribers. It has a whopping 423 new items which makes it the largest newsletter in a very long time. One highlight is the large selection of Jam, Weller and Style Council memorabilia. There's more to be added in future newsletters. There's also quite a selection of Bucketfull Of […]

Jam, Weller & Style Council Memorabilia

A large collection of memorabilia spanning Paul Weller'sa collection has been just acquired. There's Jam, Style Council and solo stuff. Books, tickets, programmes, posters, photos, fanzines, fan club items. I've already started getting these into the database, but it might take a while for them to all appear.

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