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Newsletter mailed 31st October

Newsletter mailed today with a whopping 518 new items on it! Anyone who didn't receive it, some have bounced back marked spam, email me and I'll try and forward it. The site will be updated on Tuesday.

Leeds Record Fair cancelled

Leeds Record Fair that was to be help this Saturday 31st October has been cancelled.  A statement from the organiser reads: This is because of and English Defence League demonstration in City Square outside the Queens Hotel on the same day. This it itself would not necessarily cause the event to be cancelled. However I've […]

Fanzine Collection Purchased

Purchased a large fanzine collection from 1981 - 1985. Lots of anarcho punk zines from both the UK, Europe and Scandinavia as well as regular punk zines and some more interesting indie ones. Started adding them to the database but it'll take me several updates to get them all onto the site.

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