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Newsletter mailed 29th August

The newsletter has been mailed with 353 new items on. Aside from the usual punk stuff there's a lot of tour laminates and some guitar picks that came from a roadie. Not had chance to add all the laminates, more will appear on the next newsletter. The website will be updated on Monday.

North East Calling times and running order

Saw Control play a blistering set in Cork on Saturday and looking forward to seeing them again this weekend at North East Calling they're on at 2:10 so if you're going to the match you've got time to catch them before kick off. Here's the times and the running order. Loaded 44 1.00p.m.-1.30p.m. Control 1.40p.m.-2.10p.m. […]

Collection of Plectrums

Acquired some nice plectrums from a roadie, including: Dinosaur Jr, Lemonheads, Strokes, Alice Cooper and Idlewild. Very unusual to see these and some have rather nice artwork. They'll be on the next newsletter/update.

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