Newsletter mailed 19th June

Mailed Saturday 19th June 2021 to all subscribers is the latest newsletter containing a whopping 537 new items, all yet to appear on the web site. Subscribers get to see and purchase them first.

This newsletter is mostly punk rock orientated, not so many brand new and reissue items, more second hand, original pressings.

There’s some unusual Irish pressings from the likes of Protex, The Jam, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Splodgenessabounds and some more obscure Irish (Eire) bands.

There’s a selection of anarcho punk bands such as The Disrputers, Hagar The Womb and A-Heads. Quite a few Buzzcocks records including a nice copy of 1989’s Product vinyl box set which very rarely turns up these days

Buzzcocks Product

Buzzcocks Product vinyl box set

Some of the nice non punk items are the Adrian Sherwood The Slave’s Lament a clear vinyl numbered 10″ only available from an exhibition, a fully signed Gary Moore band press photo, Sisters Of Mercy second single ‘Body Electric’ on CNT Records and a large selection of vinyl from Scotland’s Friends Again.

The most valuable item on this newsletter is a My Bloody Valentine ‘Ecstasy’ LP. There are other really rare records by them as well, all in near perfect condition.

My Bloody Valentine Ecstasy LP

My Bloody Valentine Ecstasy vinyl LP

The site will be updated in a few days time. Happy shopping!