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When I Die I Want To Be A Record

Posted on April 13, 2011
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Andvinyly come up with the genius idea of pressing your ashes into records. You can even record your own personal message on the vinyl. How cool would it be to have a Ramones track playing at your funeral and then a message from you at the end saying "so long suckers, now party". That's how I'm gonna go!

You can even have up to 30 pressed to distribute via your friends and relatives!

Read on:

AndVinyly, the creation of English record label boss Jason Leach, offers the service for around $3500 so you can "live on from beyond the groove!"

Your ashes, or ashes of parts of you, are pressed into as many as 30 records, a process that Mr Leach said was not complicated.

Customers can supply audio, or choose music from the website's 'Raveyard', and then let their loved ones listen to a last message spinning around and around. Forever.

While all this might sound a bit on the nose, Mr Leachsaid the response had been "huge".

The inspiration came from "a desire to be immortal coupled with sadness at the decline in record sales and music you can touch back".

The nostalgia of vinyl is part of the appeal. It’s certainly not something you can do with an iPod.

Mr Leach came up with the idea after watching a TV program that showed an American having his ashes put into fireworks, which prompted him to wonder how he'd like to be remembered.

"It's a bit more interesting than being in a pot on a shelf," he told Wired UK.

A vinyl memorial was also more practical than scattering ashes, Mr Leach said. For example, there's no danger of a change in the wind sending the ash back over mourners, something that happened to his family at his grandfather's send-off.

To complete the package, the website offers unique artwork for the 'Rest In Vinyl' album sleeve. National Portrait Gallery artist James Hague can paint your portrait for the cover, with your ashes mixed into the paint.

Those wanting to share their memory with the world can even distribute the album through vinyl stores internationally.

The service is also available for pets.



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