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TV21 Edinburgh 8th Feb 2007

Posted on February 9, 2008
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Last night Fat Gav and I went to Edinburgh to see TV21 play in a gig at Bannermans in Cowgate.
Always one of those bands that never quite made it, they'll be remembered by most for the excellent and anthemic Snakes and Ladders and for their many Radio 1 sessions, especially on the John Peel show.
It was with Snakes and Ladders that they opened the set, a risky move to play your trump card first, but the gamble paid off as the packed venue instantly responded, no slow warm up here.
The set was a mixture of their old singles like On The Run and Something's Wrong, album tracks like This Is Zero and Tomorrow (the highlight of the set for me) and some superb new tracks like When Cole Was King and Look To The Sun that are available from the band and two brand new tracks.
I did miss the brass on some of the tracks but the slight re-arrangements to allow for their absence and the performance more than compensated.
I've seen more than my fair share of reformed bands going through the motions and TV21 were NOT one of them. I hear they're playing Rebellion so if you're going take the rare opportunity to see them.


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