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The Shend’s radio show

Posted on September 7, 2015
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Highly recommended radio show by The Cravats' The Shend

1. Neutral Bombs. Old Inside 2. Rock Bottom & The Spys. No Good 3. Steve & The Jerks. Good Times 4. Chrome. Magnetic Dwarf Reptile 5. Active Non Violence. Bangkit Dan Lawan 6. 'Snots. So Long To The Sixties 7. Titus Andronicus. Dimed Out 8. The Beat. Mirror In The Bathroom 9. Stone The Crowz. Suffer Little Children 10. Darius & The Magnets. Stonesteps 11. The Fall. First One Today 12. Septic Death. Change 13. Lydia Lunch. Fields Of Fire 14. Nic Toczek. Road Crash 15. The Small Faces. Hey Girl 16. Iron Lamb. Dubious Preacher 17. The Slugs. A Meeting




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