The Cravats ‘The Complete John Peel Sessions’ 2xLP

Available now from Overground Records is a fantastic double album of all four John Peel sessions from The Cravats from between 1979 and 1982. The sound quality is perefect. If you’re a Cravats fan, this is essential listening.

The four sessions all get one session per side.

The first from 31/7/79 features five tracks: Welcome / Pressure Sellers / Who’s In Here With Me? / Live For Now / Precinct

The second recorded 23/9/80 is: Still / In Your Eyes / You’re Driving Me / Triplex Zone

The third was recorded 10/8/91 the tracks are: Terminus / Ice-Cubists / Firemen / Rub Me Out

And lastly, recorded 6/11/82: There Is No International Rescue / The Station / Daddy’s Shoes / Working Down Underground

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