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The Adolescents at Newcastle Trillians

Posted on July 25, 2008
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Tony from The AdolescentsCameron enjoying the Adolescents

Went to see The Adolescents on Tuesday at Trillians here in Newcastle on Tuesday. A very disappointing turnout of about 150 for such a legendary band who have visited these shores for the first time in 28 years. I thought it would be packed! Apparently the other dates weren't that busy. Can't believe the apathy.

I had wrongly assumed we were getting the original line-up but apprently some of them don't like touring so it was just vocalist Tony Cadena and guitarist Steve De Soto, although I can't fault any of the other members, the performance was quite simply perfect.

Unsurprisingly the set was built around the first album, in fact I can't think of anything they didn't play from it, maybe 'Self-Destruct'. We also got 'Brats in Battalions', 'Welcome To Reality' and 'California Sun'.

Tony Cadena is obviously still very passionate about the band so hopefully they'll keep going for a while yet and come back again soon. Those who missed out had better hope they did!!

An honourable mention goes to Cameron, an avid fan of American punk and all round good guy, who is pictured in the centre of the above three enjoying himself at the gig. Yes it really was THAT good! He was still buzzing about it at Th' Legendary Shack Shakers gig last night.


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