Skinny Puppy related collection acquired

Pleased to announce the acquisition of a large Skinny Puppy related vinyl album and 12″ single record collection. It doesn’t actually include any Skinny Puppy releases but rather some of Cevin Key’s other projects such as Cyberaktif where he teamed up with Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly and Blixa Bargeld from Einst├╝rzende Neubauten to make the Teenbrae Vision album on red and clear mixed vinyl, plus 1991’s collabotarion with Dwayne Goettel as Doubting Thomas who made The Infidel album and we have the 100 only 2017 reissue on white and black vinyl, sealed! There are also some Cevin Keys solo releases, most noticeably the Music For Cats 2xLP set of pink and blue vinyl limited to just 100 copies.

Doubting Thomas The Infidel black and white vinyl

100 only black and white vinyl version of the Doubting Thomas The Infidel 3xlp set

However, the bulk of the collection is reserved for Kevin’s Download project in which there’s 13 items including some real rarities such as the 2 x 12″ red vinyl set Microscopic limited to just 150, the nighly sought after blue splattered and numbered version of III Steps Forward double album, the Helicopter + Wookie Wall blue and black album limited to just 89, but for the most expensive item we need to go back to his his solo career and the 2018 pressing of Brap And Forth Vol. 8cevin keys brap and forth vol. 8Artoffact Records AOF364, White-Clear Inside-Outside Effect vinyl and flexi disc, 200 only

All items will be on the next newsletter and web site update