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Post-Punk Britain radio show

Posted on December 27, 2011
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An old friend of mine Simon McKay hosts a weekly radio show on Break London playing 1970s British punk and post punk peppered with some British and Jamaican reggae from the same era.  Here's a link to his playlist page on Eccentric Sleeve Notes, which now includes a podcast option for the last two shows.  The show for broadcast on 27 December is there and it's a best of what has been featured this year.  It includes tracks by Clash, Buzzcocks, Nips, Cure, Neon, Glaxo Babies and Punishment of Luxury.

Link: http://www.eccentricsleevenotes.com/Post-Punk-Britain-Playlists(1885020).htm

The website I've blogged about before and it's always worth a visit.


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