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Paranoid Visions ‘Rebellion’ album out now

Posted on September 2, 2017
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Paranoid Visions 'Rebellion' pink vinyl




9 track pink vinyl 10” only – OVER 159

Barcode: 0661596580705

Never ones to play by the rules, Dublin’s Paranoid Visions continue their run of annual album releases alternating between themselves and their alter ego Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions. Last years release “Now and Then..!” with the Crass singer onboard entered the Irish charts at number 6! And like the previous years "Cryptic Cross Words” received rave reviews and a great deal of critical acclaim.

This years release started life as a single, then became an e.p, then became a 12” single whereupon the band elected to add 5 bonus tracks onto side two and create a hybrid ep / lp release!

Pressed on beautiful pink vinyl and featuring a Lowry inspired painting of the band outside the Wintergarden in Blackpool the home of the annual Rebellion festival the ep tracks have gathered a huge reaction at live shows showing the band are still gathering ideas, improving and are enjoying their 35 year overnight success.

As ever the lyrics are hard hitting and varied, penned by Deko, one if the most prolific writers in Irish literary history, but this time topics are  even more diverse.

No Pasaran (are you getting the picture) is a suggestion that self proclaimed saviours of the streets, roaming with bully boy tactics seeking out people of different nationality and colour in order to save their country, should be met with equal levels of hostility by the local community...  its one world people!!!

Ego Mania (it' all about you) is a reflection of social media culture, warning people not to post anything they may regret "you've got a smart phone, but you’re not too bright”!

Greytown is about living in despair at banality.

Dead Zoo tackles the subject of drug and alcohol abuse and culture.

The 5 bonus tracks consist of three tracks recorded live in the studio (no overdubs / first takes) “the angelus @ 6pm”,  “Murder Most Foul” and “Across the Holocausts”,  along with the band's version of “West One” by the Ruts. The album concludes with a total departure in musical soundscaping with a dance remix of the 2012 track “Statement of Intent” featuring the Shend (from the Cravats).


Paranoid Visions formed in 1981 and are regarded as Ireland’s longest serving punk rock band. The band have played with and toured with artists like Jello Biafra, UK Subs, GBH, Poison Girls, Dirt, Conflict, Dickies, Theatre of Haste, New odel Army, the Damned and have played on bills with virtually every punk band on the circuit including sets at the highly prestigious Riot Festival (Chicago), Amnesia Festival (Quebec), Rebellion Festivals (Blackpool, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Vienna) and several smaller festivals around Europe and America.

In 2013 they formed an alliance with Crass vocalist Steve Ignorant and continue to perform and record with him, so far the collaboration has produced two full length albums and two extended play singles.

Track Listing:

No Paseran (Are You Getting The Picture)/ Ego Maniac (It’s All About You)/ Greytown/ Dead Zoo/ The Angelus @ 6pm/ Murder Most Foul/ Across The Holocausts/ West One (Shine On Me)/ Statement Of Intent




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