Site updated 6th January 2023

The site has been updated on 6th January 2023 with 423 new items

Bono fans will be pleased to see some real rarities from U2 such as the Dutch ‘A Day Without Me’ in the ‘Boy’ picture sleeve, the originial Irish pressing of ‘Three’ with the sunburst label and UKTM reference around the label rim, and the one-sided ‘UK ‘Fire’ radio edit promo.

The Pastels Something Going On

The Pastels Something Going On

Other things I expect to generate interest include a lot of mint Therapy? singles, amny of which are unplayed, including the ultra rare Irish Xmas gig freebie 7″; there’s more USA garage singles that genre sold surprisingly well last time, again all mint condition and plenty of rare indie singles the highlights of which are the much sought after Stretcheads ‘Bros Are Pish’ and The Pastels ‘Something Going On’ singles.

Therapy? Have A Merry Fucking Christmas

Therapy? Have A Merry Fucking Christmas

I did manage to acquire more copies of Piranhas unreleased album that sold out immdiately from the last newsletter. Recorded in March 1980 at Pebble Beach studios Worthing, England. The album was due to be released on Attrix Records as RB09 but was never issued as the band signed to Sire shortly after the recording and the album was shelved. Four white label test pressings are known to have existed. Reissued officially by the German label Mad Butcher there are 100 on red vinyl and 400 on black. It was nice to hear much rougher versions of tracks that would later appear far more polished on the Sire label.

More unusually there are some re-issue cassettes from the Italian Raditaion label by The Expoited, Outsiders, Blitz, Alternative TV, DRI and The Residents and mostly limited to 300 copies.

Most unusal item is the Oasis ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ UK tour promoters promotional jacket. Extremely rare 2005 navy blue Lambretta jacket given to the band and management by the tour promoters, with tags, unworn. Has band name, promoters name and tour title stitched onto lapel.

oasis Don't Blieve The Truth promo jacket

Oasis Don’t Blieve The Truth promo jacket

Of the relatively few albums added there’s some nice Japanese albums by: XTX, 23 Skidoo, The Jam etc.

The next newsletter the start of March.