Newsletter mailed 26th June

Evening of Friday 26th June the newsletter has been mailed to subscribers with 424 new items.

USA customers, there’s a big rush on to beat the 1st July huge postal inreases, when thanks to Trump threatening to pull the USA out of the Universal Postal Union, prices on LPs will increase by at least 50%. If it’s a large order then they can go via courier which will probably make not a lot of difference, but 1 album is going to increase from an £11 to a £17 P&P charge. Ouch! Surprisingly, large letter rate (1 to 5 x 7″) aren’t increasing at all.

Unlike the previous couple of newsletters this one is very much back to punk and punk related additions.

Adverts One Chord Wonders

The Daverts One Chord Wonders. Their first 7″ released on Stiff Records.

There’s a few nice Stranglers Japanese singles including the very rare European Female, there’s some unusual badges by the likes of the Vipers and the Invaders and plenty of really nice reissues especially on LP.

Away from punk there’s not a lot in the way of collectables. Some nice posters including a beautiful 19884 Japanese Hanoi Rocks tour poster and a Jesus & Mary Chain Psychocandy Blanco Y Negro promotional poster.

Hanoi Rocks Japanese Tour poster

Hanoi Rocks 1984 Japanese Tour poster

The site will be updated on Monday or Tuesday with what remains unsold.