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New 2-Tone book

Posted on October 20, 2008
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Pete Chambers 2-Tone book

Pete Chambers 2-Tone book

2-TONE-2 is Pete Chamber's fifth book in as many years. While the The Specials have were dusting off their tonic suits and pork-pie hats, ready for their triumphant return at the Isle of Wight’s Bestival in September. Coventry’s own music historian Pete Chambers has been busy, keeping the rude boys history up to date all ready for next years 30th. Anniversary of the 2-Tone record label. His new book 2-Tone-2 covers some of the news stories involving the Specials and the Selecter, comments on the 30th Anniversary from some of the genres key players.

 The book also promises many rare unseen photographs of our chequered ska heroes. 2-Tone-2's foreword is written by Special guitarist and one of the bands founding members Lynval Golding. “One person I would like to thank, more than anyone else is Pete Chambers” reveals Lynval, “who has done everything to keep the band in the public eye. He’s made sure we get played on the radio, more than any other guy; he’s been keeping us alive through the media. Pete’s a Coventry kid, and knows these places better than anyone, there’s stuff in this book you won’t see anywhere else”. Indeed Pete was the only journalist present at the ‘secret’ production rehearsal four days before their Bestival appearance; exclusive photos are included from this too. 2-Tone-2 also includes a 30th anniversary update of Chambers sell out title the 2-Tone Trail. Pete Said, “ It’s available on e-bay for £6.99 plus postage.


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