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Goldblade ‘The Terror of Modern Life’ new album

Posted on May 20, 2013
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In stock for £10 and on the website is the brilliant new Goldblade album 'The Terror of Modern Life' on silver vinyl and limited to just 480.

If you'd like a CD they're £8, just email me.

This is Goldblade's best album, it's much heavier, darker and more punk than previous releases and comes highly recommended.

Here's the press release:


‘The Terror Of Modern Life’

Label: Overground Records

Cat. No. OVER 132CD   Cat. No. OVER 132LP    

Release Date: 20th May 2013


The sixth album by Goldblade is a stark and dark work that never lets go of the band's high octane energy and knack for a great chorus.

Some bands exist beyond the circus.

With a fierce intelligence and a thirst for esoteric knowledge that matches a music that is visceral and almost spiritual in its primal spirit Goldblade are like no other band.

Reacting to the modern times the band seem to have cranked both the energy and the raw power in an album that is a clean break from their past. From the opening gnarled bass intro of This Is War! to the closing 9 minute jagged drone of the title track the band are unrelenting without ever being predictable as they create dark sound and not noise.

They still manage to cram in the rousing with songs like the sardonic 2 minute punk rock rush of  Psycho Takes A Holiday, the apocalyptic The Shaman Are Coming before dubbing out on the potential hit single, Serious Business. There are tracks that are fast and furious like the prime time Black Flag rush of My Mind Is Like An Atom Bomb and tracks that are off the wall like the heavy bass porridge weird trip of Someone Stole My Brain that signpost this remarkable album that follows no-one and strikes out on its own path looking for future punk or a different way of dealing the same dark and dangerous stuff and succeeds.

From Sunn O))) to The Clash from reggae to hardcore rushes, The Terror Of Modern Life is a diverse exploration  of all the possibilities of punk rock but set into a 21st century agenda.  Finding hope in the apocalypse, the new album is is a dense and dark work that manages to combine their trademark relentless guitars. Switching from a pounding tribal funk rhythm section to fast and furious punk rushes the album contains a dark and powerful message with moments of rare beauty that somehow finds moments of optimism in the downward swirl of the planet.

The past few years has seen the band grow big on the live and festival circuit, thriving underground unit that makes no compromise and it relishing a new musical challenge. Goldblade tour the world from Russia to Brazil, from Europe to the USA and even Algeria where they were the first rock band to play for 25 years.

Goldblade are an adventure and are playing fast and loose with the rules of combat...

Track listing:

This Is War!/ Psycho Takes A Holiday/ The Shaman Are Coming/ Serious Business/ We're All In It Together/ Someone Stole My Brain/ My Mind Is Like An Atom Bomb/ Sick/Tired/ They Kiss Like Humans, Act Like Machines/ Guilty/ The World Is Fucked Up Nowadays/ Hey You! Elastic Face/ The Terror Of Modern Life


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