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Posted on July 30, 2010
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Very disappointed to see that my favourite online magazine Distorted magazine is taking a hiatus. Experience has taught me that once people walk away from magazines they never return as it's incredibly hard to get them up and running again, it's like starting from scratch again. I fear we've seen the last of it! Here's the official statement:

Distorted taking a break from September 2010 Body: Hi loyal readers, punk rockers and slackers.....So some news from Distorted HQ and it’s not good if you are a fan of Distorted Magazine and what we have been doing for nearly 4 years now. It’s been an incredibly difficult decision to make as I have never been more proud or excited by anything I have ever been involved with, but from September Distorted is going to be put on a hiatus (if magazines are allowed to do that? Hell, band cans, so why not).

The reason for the break is partly ever since the previous editor left Distorted I have had to take up various reins; technically, and in other areas of running the magazine. My main interest is in writing and subsequently picking up various editorial responsibilities which has been great but technical proficiency is not my strength! In addition the continued lack of investment and advertising within digital and punk related media coupled with the train of thought that If we can’t take Distorted to a level I envisaged it, perhaps its best to put a hold on things for now rather than do anything half heartedly.

I have already removed the address under our contacts section so please stop sending in any more material for review as there is a good chance it might not reach our hands after 4 weeks from now and anything received between now and the end of August won’t be a priority.

I still feel there is a place for Distorted Magazine considering how poorly many of the printed magazines and other online zines cover punk rock in my opinion, and I’m not saying we are the best, but we have managed to achieve an incredible amount over the past 4 years, and built up (I hope) the respect of a number of labels, bands, promoters and various other people in the punk and musical world as well as our readers.

I know plans and output has varied over the history of Distorted, and the cause of its inception was that a small group of people were not finding a quality punk rock publication in the UK to meet their needs, so in the spirit of DIY, a magazine was born. I think there are plenty of valid websites and magazines who battle each other to get punk-news and gossip out there first, but quality feature interviews and reviews (and photography) has been at the heart of what Distorted is all about and trying to touch on all corners of the punk rock spectrum, rather than purely the darlings of the month or purely new age variations of punk rock (some of it is really not punk rock, an argument for another day).

Personally I have an opportunity to travel abroad for a while and I hope the opportunity will enable me to look at Distorted and its possible future/transformation through fresh eyes. I did consider asking for donations or even going through the subscription route to keep things going, but aside from the fact neither may have worked, I believe the information in Distorted should be available for free! I am hoping that over ensuing months all back issues of Distorted will be available online (time permitting) for your reading pleasure. I also hope to pursue some other writing ventures and punk rock will never be far from my endeavours.

We are still fully committed to publishing various features and reviews over the next 6 weeks and extremely excited by Camden Carnage which will be our last big event in terms of involvement and we should get some great interviews done over that period of time.

Thanks again to everyone who has worked with us; past and present reviewers, columnists, photographers, bands, promoters, record labels, PR , tour managers, and of course the readers and last but not least, the Cotters. Thanks for everyone’s contributions, honesty, loyalty and time towards making Distorted Magazine over the years a labour of love, frustration and joy and we hope to be back in one form or another.

Editor-Steve Noble


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