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Disgu!se – Grammatically Correct album

Posted on May 18, 2016
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Disgu!se-Grammatically Correct

“ Enjoyed the album in the sense that it’s music that I understand that is well delivered in this age of music technology. Very musical.”  - Billy Ocean



After the success of the limited vinyl-only ‘Disgu!se Remixes’ series, with remixes by Consequence (Exit Records/ Tempa), L-OW (PROJECT:squared) as well as Disgu!se themselves, Heartfelt Records is very pleased to announce the release of Disgu!se’s debut album ‘Grammatically Correct’.

As an album it contains originals of the songs that appeared on the ‘Disgu!se Remixes’ releases, such as the sultry ‘Inside Out Of Love’ as well as the infectious ‘Listen To Me’, alongside new cuts such as ‘Apostrophe S’ and ‘I Only Want To Be With You’ which features a guest appearance from Andy Gill from Gang of Four on guitar.

‘Grammatically Correct’ traverses Synth Pop and Post Punk to create an interesting but non-derivative blend that will at times find you humming along, and at times leave you hypnotised, proving to be a cohesive and well-rounded debut that bodes well for this exciting act.

Available on limited edition vinyl (with free CD), CD and Digital.

Distributed by Cargo.


  1. Camera
  2. Listen To Me
  3. Heirloom
  4. Apostrophe S
  5. Inside Out Of Love
  6. I Only Want To Be With You (ft. Andy Gill)
  7. Hourglass
  8. Candles
  9. All That Is

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'Listen To Me' video:




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