Andy Blade (ex-Eater) appearing at Vinyl Tap shop

On Saturday 29th October we will welcome Andy Blade Info (Eater) performing spoken word and new music in the shop.

Sat 29th October | 1:30PM | FREE ENTRY

More details:

Marking Blade’s 40th anniversary as a writer/performer, and a new album and book to boot, Blade is taking his new music & spoken word show on the road in 2016/17 – and a very entertaining ride it is! No muscles or tattoos, but a pop sensibility and a razor sharp sense of timing his peers could only dream of.

His new album, the much anticipated – Plastic Penny & The Strange Wooden Horse, his 5th since ‘From Planet PopTo The Mental Shop’ (Creative Man,1992) is due in Oct on Cherry Red Records.

Marking a definite progression in his career as a song writer & producer, the new collection of explosive, jagged pop songs follow his acclaimed ‘artistic rebirth’ heralded in with ‘Life Affirming Songs For Those With a Bad Attitude’ (Flycatcher/Cherry Red – 2008). With a tour of the UK, and the follow up to the acclaimed autobiography “The Secret Life of a Teenage Punk Rocker” also in the works, there’s a good chance we haven’t even had half the story yet.

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