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Adicts Newcastle & Sex Pistols gigs 17 Nov

Posted on November 18, 2007
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Went to see The Adicts last night and  it was the best punk gig I'd been to in many a year. The performance and the showmanship was brilliant and the atmosphere fantastic. Found this clip on You Tube to give you some idea.
I can't think of any other band who are better now than when I saw them in the 80s. Full marks!!
By contrast a friend went to see the Sex Pistols at Manchester M.E.N. He'd been looking forward to it immensely for months. He said:
It was a shocker. Backing bands Thirst [ shit] Scratch Pervets [fucking dismal].
Pistols came on 9.45 , left 10.50 ish.
No surprises , went throught std set , Holidays , Problems , Bodies best
Rotten had bad throught , kept taking a spray , Jones lost 4 stone ha , Matlock looked very very old , Jones no change.

Looks like I made the right choice. If you get the chance, go and see the Adicts.


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