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Posh Spice does Crass

Posted on December 12, 2007
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Victoria Beckham wears CrassI love this picture, Posh Spice wearing a Crass shirt rumored to be by Gucci!! No doubt selected by one of her stylists. How ironic that this model of consumerism and greed should be wearing Crass.

After this picture appeared Penny Rimbaud wrote to them asking if they'd like to contribute to the Dial House fund and of course heard nothing. 

I guess it always happens, symbols of protest and rebellion get sucked into the mainstream.


One Response to “Posh Spice does Crass”

  1. paul skinner on September 27th, 2008 5:43 pm

    this is not posh spice its angelina jolie so no wonder there was no response

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