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The Jerks reissue LP

Overground Records are reissuing The Jerks 'Jerk Off' LP on vinyl. The rear of the cover fesarures this classic photo of The Jerks at the Summer od Hate gig in Huddersfield 1977. Perfectly exemplifies the 1977 spirit of punk rock!

Chumbawamba film Kickstarter campaign

Chumbawamba have released a Kickstarter campaign for my film "I Get Knocked Down" about what happened to Chumbawamba when they accidentally had that hit single and what we tried to do once we found ourselves in that position!

Another chance to catch the 60 minute Steve Ignorant interview

Tonight, Monday 20th April 8pm you can catch the excellent New Wave With Newman show on Radio Northumberland followed by the 60 minute special that Keith did with Steve Ignorant at 10pm. Well worth a listen!

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