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Control ‘He’s A skinhead’ video

Control - my favourite of the current crop of British streetpunk bands have a video for the┬átrack He's A Skinhead from their excellent new album Punk Rock Ruined My Life online now. They've managed to surpass their┬ábrillaint debut album 'Hooligan Rock n Roll' with this one. They're supporting Lars Fredericksen's side project The Old Firm […]

New Crashed Out video for ‘The Town That Died’

There's a new video from Jarrow punk band Crashed Out for The Town That Died that you can find on their excellent Crash & Burn album. It's a song about the sad demise of Jarrow, all the heavy industry now gone. Could apply to much of the Tyne & Wear rivers. Never mind, I'm sure […]

M J Hibbett ‘I’m Saying Yes’ video

My very good friend Mark Hibbett the humourus songwriter has produced a video in support of a 'Yes' vote in the AV Referendum, called I'm Saying Yes. It's a very funny video and definitely worth a viewing. That's enough politics for one day.

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