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Some news about Crashed Out

Had a chat last night with Chris from Crashed Out, thought I'd give you their news. He'd just finished doing the artwork for the forthcoming Goldblade album The Terror Of Modern Life - looked striking! Unsurprisingly the band were really pleased with it. Should look fantastic on the finished product, especially as an LP cover. […]

The Lurkers back as God’s Lonely Men

Three of The Lurkers are back as God's Lonely Men and they have a new album out. I don't know why they just don't joing forces with Arthur and do it properly. They've got a new album out called Chemical Landslide in a very unimaginative cover. Here's the official press release: The Lurkers were one […]

Punk rock started in Peru in 1964

According to this Guardian feature Los Saicos (The Psychos) were the first punk band. Must be true, there's even a plaque to commemerate the fact! The video is worth watching. More garage-punk than 70s punk, but we'll give them their moment of fame.

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