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New M J Hibbett video and single

There's a new M J Hibbett video for the theme tune they recorded for the a radio podcast I Want To find Out How It Ends. Always top draw stuff from Mark. Sadly I couldn't make his show at Edinburgh Festival this year, but I heard great reports about it. The single can be downloaded […]

Paranoid Visions new EP and video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p52Bs0aOoOg Taken from the Der-Election e.p (3 track ep with 6 bonus live tracks) released on iTunes and on cd on feb 18th, launch party in gypsy rose feb 25th (with special guests the Crackpack and the dirge). Based on advance sales and feedback it's looking increasingly likely that paranoid visions may be the first […]

New Devilish Presley video

I've just been sent a link to the new Devilish Presley video The Beast Must Die which is a track from their forthcoming album. I've always been a fan, but this track and the Big Cheese freebie CD I Created A Monster are light years better than what they've done before. The video is the […]

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