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1979 ‘Punk Can Take It’ Film

Posted on November 3, 2013
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If you not seen it check out the Punk Can Take It movie, a 1979 film by Juilan Temple that was released as support film to Scum.

There's some great footage of the Subs and some funny acting by Ed Tenpole Tudor.

Bang Bang Machine music now available to download

Posted on November 1, 2013
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The cult Indie band from Evesham, England have just released their entire back catalogue on Itunes.

The self financed  debut,  "Geek E.P.",  spawned the nine minute epic that was "Geek Love". It was championed by John Peel and came in at No.1 in Peel's celebrated "Festive 50" in 1992.

Peel famously declared, "Even if they never make another record, they'll have achieved more than most of us do in our entire lives".

Bang Bang Machine went on to make records for Parallel Records and Ultimate records which included two albums and nine e.p.'s.

Airtime at Radio1 was largely confined to the evening DJ's, Mark Radcliffe being a big fan of "Lovely Lily" for example. Remarkably, daytime jock Gary Davies played "Technologica" more than a few times. BBM were to make a live appearance on "The Word" with this tune. For those that don't remember, "The Word" was a late Saturday evening Channel 4 show hosted by Terry Christian and Katie Pukrik.

Bang Bang Machine videos were also shown frequently on MTV and The Chart Show, the latter being a saturday morning music show from ITV.

The band toured the UK extensively and built up a loyal following. The band experimented with many forms of music which made them difficult to categorize by The Media and although they were always well received by the music press and always made a showing in the Indie charts, mainstream success eluded them.

The band were poised to record a third album but split up shortly before recording could begin.

Record releases were limited to the UK and some European territories which resulted in some releases being difficult, if not impossible, to find.

Now anyone around the world can access the bands material with this latest move to Itunes.

As an added bonus there are also five unreleased BBM tracks which will excite their army of loyal fans.

Bang Bang Machine were;

Elizabeth Freeth - vocals

Steve Eagles - guitars

Stan Lee - bass

Lamp - drums.

Sub-Pop goodies

Posted on October 24, 2013
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Been a while since VOTN has had some nice goodies on the Sub-Pop label, but that's just changed.

Coloured LPs by: Cosmic Psychos, Fluid, Monkeywrench, Blood Circus and Mudhoney.

7" coloured by Rollins, Dwarves, Big Chief, Supersuckers amongst others.

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