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Rezillos Newcastle 6th June

Posted on June 7, 2014
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rezillos Cluny Newcastle

Superb show from The Rezillos last night at The Cluny. The band had incredible energy which really fed into the crowd and that was the wildest gig I've seen in a long time. Wonderful to see that they still can really cut it live.

Satan’s Rats 7″ers reissued

Posted on June 1, 2014
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Satans- Rats-in-my-love-for-you Satans- Rats-Year-Of-The-Rats Satans- Rats-You Make Me Sick

Overground Records reissues each Satan’s Rats 7”

In My Love For You b/w Facade (OVER 136)

Year Of The Rats b/w Louise (OVER 137)

You Make Me Sick b/w Louise (OVER 138)

All three released on June 2nd, 500 copies only

Overground Records are proud to reissue each of the highly collectable Satan’s Rats singles, reproduced as closely as possible to the originals, there is just one very limited pressing of each.

Satan’s Rats formed in Evesham, Worcestershire in January 1977, with an average age of just seventeen.

Songs like the anthemic ‘Year Of The Rats’ about the demise of the old fart groups, their appearance at the Birmingham Punk Festival and support to the Sex Pistols at the Roxy soon saw the band build a large following and inevitably drew them to the attention of record labels.

Their first demo earned them a deal with DJM Records and their first single ‘In My Love For You’ was released in 1977. Bob Geldof reviewed in the NME and slagged it off. The second single ‘Year Of The Rats’ released early in 1978 fared no better, sinking without a trace despite being regarded as something of a classic these days.

For their third single ’You Make Me Sick’ they had Vic Maile (Dr Feelgood/Fruit Eating Bears) as producer. He managed to capture the anger of the band perfectly and this single, released in 1978 was undoubtedly their finest moment. Julie Burchill reviewed it in the NME, she hated it.

These singles now sell for considerable sums and are regarded as classics by 70s punk collectors.

In 1996 Overground released a compilation Satan’s Rats CD ‘What A Bunch Of Rodents’ which included the singles and various demos. It remains in print.

Overground Records – www.overgroundrecords.co.uk

The Shapes tour and forthcoming LP

Posted on May 21, 2014
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The Shapes UK Tour June 2014

They were the forefathers of the punkpathetique movement, and now The Shapes are back again and touring the UK in June.
Classics like: Batman In The Launderette, Leamington and who could forget Wot's For Lunch Mum? Not Beans Again!

Attend the show and you'll be able to get limited signed vinyl copies of 'More Songs For Sensible People' a full month before it gets released on Overground Records.
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