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Said Liquidator album released

Posted on July 29, 2011
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One of Newcastle's long lost early 80s indie bands Said Liquidator have just had their back catalogue reissued. I'll let mainman Simon McKay tell you more about it:

In the late 1980s, I had big dreams about making a living from music.  It was disappointing in 1991 when my band ended very suddenly and I had to come up with a whole new plan.  It is exactly 20 years since the band split up but I can't forget how much I loved being in Said Liquidator.  In view of this, I've compiled an anthology of our recordings and the result is a 2 CD set, the 'Said Liquidator Anthology 1987-1991' (pic below), which contains 33 of the band's songs.  It is the first release on ESN Records (a tie in with my website about post punk bands) and is available there for £6 - I'm also excited to see that Amazon are stocking it.  I've used the website to give the release some context: I've written about Said Liquidator and published lots of photos.  You can hear some of our music and see a couple of videos.  I've even included scans of the 44 rejection letters we received from record companies who we sent our demo tapes to!

www.eccentricsleevenotes.com  for more information.

New Zounds album – the first for 30 years

Posted on July 28, 2011
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Zounds - the redemption of zounds

Legendary anarcho-punk band Zounds have released their first album in 30 years on Overground Records titled The Redemption of Zounds.

It's all new material and it's absolutely brilliant, the natural successor to The Curse of Zounds. Musically it's not really much different, although there's not a guitar solo on the record so it makes for some interesting musical arrangements, however, the lyrics are contemporary and as revelant and as thought provoking as you'd expect from Steve.

It's absolutely fantastic, I can't think of a better comeback album and all the reviews I've seen agree.

There's a really good interview with Steve on Eyeplug. Well worth a read.


Site updated 22nd July

Posted on July 22, 2011
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That's the site updated, last time until early September. Nearly 400 new items added including the bulk of the garage collection purchased, although the Supercharger, Mummies, Lazy Cowgirls and Teengenerate stuff pretty much went as did all bar one of The Replacements items. I've still quite a few garage 7" to add, but all the LPs are added.

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