Website update 7th November

The website was updated on the evening of Monday 7th November with 446 new items.

Included was a large selction of 1990s USA garage band 7″ in mint condition from the likes of The Drags, Southern Culture on the Skids, Huevos Rancheros etc.

In complete contrast to that there’s some rare 1970s and 80s rock singles from Kiss, AC/DC etc. and some still with patches from Sammy Hagar and Bob Seeger.

Wonder Stuff Wonderful Day EP

Wonder Stuff Wonderful Day EP

On the indie side there’s some really mint singles from Wedding Present including both pressings of ‘Go Out And Get ‘Em Boy!‘, Wonderstuff including their debut ‘Wonderful Day EP‘ and just about everything the Woodentops released on 7″.

Iggy Pop Brick by Brick yellow vinyl

As per usual there’s a really good selection of rarities including the first Television Personalities LP ‘And Don’t The Kins Just Love It‘ on Rough Trade, Iggy Pop’s Australian pressing of ‘Brick By Brick‘ on yellow vinyl, The Replacements ‘Hootenany‘ (Twin Tone) on red vinyl, Wire ‘Pink Flag‘, The Damned’s debut album first German pressing, the very rare ‘Shut It‘ 7″ and ‘The Black Album‘ Italian gatefold sleeve. Psychic TV ‘Force The Hand of Chance’ double album with poster, Sex Pistols ‘Something Else‘ mispressing that plays ‘Silly Thing‘ and a Clash ‘Clash City Rockers‘ promotional 7″

U2 Go Home promotional key ring

U2 Go Home promotional key ring

Some of the more unusual items are U2’s ‘Go Home‘ promotional key ring, promo badges from the likes of The Tubes, Motels, Fingerprintz etc. and more commercially available punk badges including some very nice ones from Dr Feelgood and a Rubella Ballet promo poster for ‘Ballet Bag‘.

Dr Feelgood 'Roxette' acetate

Dr Feelgood ‘Roxette’ acetate

And the last of the Dr Feelgood collection is listed including a mega rare ‘Roxette’ acetate, some lovely imports, signed items and even some tour T-shirts.

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