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New Punk 7″ Picture Disc Label

Posted on August 22, 2008
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Cock Sparrer England Belongs To Me Picture Disc

There's a new 7" picture disc label called Chase The Ace Records set up by Darryl from Cock Sparrer and Argy Bargy.

All releases are linited to 500, come in a numbered die-cut picture cover, are sealed and look lovely. The bad news is that they're not cheap, but even at £7 they're worth getting.

VOTN has copies of each of the only ones to be yet released: Cock Sparrer England Belongs To Me, UK Subs C.I.D., Last Resort Violence In Our Minds, Oppressed Victims and 4 Skins One Law For Them.

They'll be on the next update, or feel free to email and secure one.


One Response to “New Punk 7″ Picture Disc Label”

  1. martin on August 29th, 2008 8:14 pm

    just felt i had to say…it would be great being an old punk rocker who still collects the vinyl and hates cds…. but £7.oo for one single come on guys there a bit pricey… is malcom Mc Claren running this greatest cockney rip off to feed all the sad bastards on ebay that weren’t there first time round…….any normal bloke can’t buy one of them every week with kids and stuff….if theprice was right i’m sure i’d buy them all…any plans to do v2 speed freak..a proper northern punk rock tune……please take on board my coments and give us an email…..wish you well anyway…can you let me know what and when they come out in advance so i can pick up the odd one….martin

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