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Freur Devil And Darkness acetate

Posted on June 23, 2008
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Freur Devil And Darkness acetate

At the weekend I found this Freur one-sided Town House acetate at Middlesborough record fair.

Now I know they're hardly the most collectable band, but I like picking up unusual items for the site. As there were probably between one and three copies of this acetate made I just couldn't resist it.


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  1. Mark on July 7th, 2008 6:32 pm

    I too am an Acetate nut. If I ever see an Acetate for any band, especially from 79-84 period I usually pick it up. Even E-Bay got me a couple of nice ones.
    ‘Holly & The Italians’ 2 one-sided Acetates for their only album. I think i paid about 11 pounds for that, I don’t think anyone was paying attention. Meatloaf ‘2 out of 3 ain’t bad’ for $12.00 US. Flamin Groovies Supersnazz, Rubinoos 1st album – all on Ebay, probably badly listed so people who might have been looking for them completely missed tham. Yay me.

    Back in Blighty years ago picked up ‘The Photo’s’ Album, a couple of Flying Lizards singles, Cowboys International album, Au-Pairs ‘pretty boys’ single, 999 ‘Found out too late’ and on and on.

    Lastly I bough on ebay a suspicious ‘Nirvana ‘Love Buzz’ acetate. I haven’t seen it yet as i live in U.S. and shipped it to my parents in U.K. I’m going back to England this year & will be interested to see what the hell it is. People have told me it’s someone making up an Acetate with a home-machine but i figured it was worth the risk cause even if it’s a real acetate of the 2nd pressing or a bootleg acetate, hey still worth something right.

    O.K. that’s my acetate-mania done with. Any comments anyone.

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