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Disappearing Record Shops

I read that last year over a quarter of the UK's independent record stores went out of business. In the heyday of the 1980s there were over 2200, by the end of 2008 there were just 305. Coupled with the disappearance of chain stores such as Fopp and Zavvi and thje massive reduction in music […]

Big Cheese Mag May Issue

I recommend that you get the latest issue of the excellent Big Cheese magazine as it has a free CD by The Grit on the front cover. Two tracks from their superb new album Straight Out The Alley and two exclusive live tracks. A certain collectors item for the future. As well as The Grit, […]

Recently Discovered Wasps Footage

Here's some amazing footage of The Wasps performing 'Something To Tell You' at the Roxy in 1977.

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