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There's a new web site that I'm recommending: www.vivelepunk.net It's a UK site dedicated to old school punk and everything influenced by it, so you'll find psychobilly and garage music as well. It's run by the guys at Big Cheese magazine so unsurprisingly it's got a magazine style with lots of news, reviews, gig info […]

I’m interviewed on Scannerzine

There's an interview with me on Scannerzine, admittedly it's more about my other business Overground Records than this business, but hopefully you'll find it interesting.


Here's an excellent web site that I'm going to recommend to you, it's the modpoppunk archives and is a fantastic resource for referencing punk, mod and power pop discographies, picture covers and foreign sleeves from the late 70s/early 80s. It also features news about relevant rissues, new releases and gigs etc. The site is a […]

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